I feel very sorry for God, for He never imagined that the descendants of Noah would become even more sin-filled than the first generation of humans which perished in the Great Flood.

When He looks upon the Earth and sees that at least a few of His Children are leading lives of love and charity and peace and kindness and stewardship He is extremely happy, for God loves good people.

Of course God loves even those who have turned away from righteousness but it makes Him very sad to see violence, and hatred, and war, and dishonesty and cheating. He is especially saddened by the great greed which has consumed America and much of the rest of His world. The greedy are not only robbing the poor but they are robbing all future generations of their birthright by plundering and destroying our Earth.

Please, please become the kind of good person whom God will be proud to love by giving and sharing and loving and peacemaking and perhaps most importantly, at this crossroads in the future of the Earth, being kind to Creation.

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